Monday, September 19, 2005


This blog will record the lives of Raz, Lucy, and Moose, three lucky canines living in Bloomington, IN.

Moose (above), Lucy (black pug on left), and Raz (fawn pug on right) in Maine last summer.

It will also occasionally touch upon the doings of their owners / personal assistants, Daniela and Eric.

The BlogDogs have numerous aliases, among which are:

Raz: The Queen, Razzy Soft Head, Razzmatazz, Razzeroo

Lucy: Lucy-Loo, Little Black Dog

Moose: Moose-a-moo, Big White Dog, Moosey-Moose, Moose Shadow.

The dogs' lives consist primarily of: eating, drinking from the big water bowl, sleeping on various soft surfaces, agitating to be fed, going for walks, agitating for walks.

The owners' lives consist primarily of: feeding the dogs, walking the dogs, picking up after the dogs.


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