Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Renovations update (kitchen)

It's been a while since we updated everyone on our renovations... so here goes.

The kitchen is roaring along towards completion, which is currently estimated to be about 2 weeks away. In the past week or so the countertops were installed, so that's the focus of these pictures. The counters are remnant granite, that is, pieces of granite left over from other jobs. It's cheaper than 'regular' granite, and it's environmentally more responsible. Not to mention that it looks cool-- in our kitchen there are 4 (I think) different pieces of granite. Here's an overview shot-- the "peninsula" will have stools on the outside and a nice workspace on the inside. You can just see the hole where the sink will go under the windows.

Here's a closeup of the granite where 2 of the pieces meet.

And another 'seam,' this one of two more similar looking pieces.

The cabinets have all been painted, but most of them have not yet been reinstalled, so it's hard to imagine what they'll look like. But this little section is more or less intact-- it's in the pantry area and the two big doors are for recycling.

And this is a piece of cabinetry located under the peninsula-- again, just so you can see how the paint colors work. Throughout the kitchen, the colors run through the cabinets without regard for the individual cabinet pieces, if that makes sense.... So the lines of color will run across an entire section. You can also glimpse in this picture the cork floor.

Next up-- a bathroom update!


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