Saturday, November 03, 2007


We went to see Bruce Springsteen last night, our first time. The Boss was excellent, the crowd was enthusiastic, and we had a good time. The highlight of the evening was the 2nd song of the encore (you can see the setlist here), the beginning of which I recorded on my phone-- you can't actually see anything, but you should be able to hear it!

Daniela's comments:
Bruce and the members of the E Street Band (sans Patti; Bruce commented that she sent her regards and said, "Teenagers..." reminding us that "maybe we ain't that young anymore") put on a great show! Bruce was jumpin' and running around like he was no where near the age 58. The changing of Bruce's guitars between songs was practically seamless- I've never seen anything quite like that. And I just adore Clarence. He plays it so straight. Awesome.

I had been hoping against hope that "Thunder Road" would make it into the setlist- I guess it has been played only a couple of times on the tour. Eric told me beforehand not to be too disappointed, but I persevered with my hope. And I was rewarded! Bruce said that they were playing it by special request that night, and listed some names. But I believe it's because Bruce could read my mind and my yearning for that song. So I was quite happy. And Eric just happened to start recording right before it too! You can hear me yelling and singing along (don't listen too hard- y'all know I can't carry a tune to SAVE my life and so it's quite embarrassing!).

We loved his political comments and lots of other people did- judging by the cheers and clapping. Although Eric did overhear some grumbling, "oh...politics..." I never quite understand that reaction, really. I guess some people just go for the great rock n' roll and miss all the political undertones of many of his songs (at least, they are obvious to me). But, whatever.

The crowd seemed pretty into it all, and apparently there were some teenagers in the pit who were having a great time. Bruce - in his thank yous- mentioned that it was great to have younger fans there & that he really appreciated them (as well as the rest of us older fans). Bruce said we were a great crowd- maybe he says that to all his crowds- but I choose to believe that it was cos we were special. :)


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard you, Danielita!!!!!

At 1:12 AM, Blogger leigh andrew said...

sounds like a fabulous show. . . what else did you expect from my homeboy? :)

don't @#*& with NJ.

(wow, i just could not resist such uncalled-for vulgarity. . . so sorry, the new jersey in me became too much to contain.)


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