Monday, May 14, 2007

Doggy hysteria

If you've ever visited the Menagerie, you know that our dogs go a bit bonkers when people show up. But you may not know that they also go quite nuts when WE show up after having been gone for a few minutes or hours. This sometimes begins when we park the car, sometimes when we enter the front door; sometimes, they manage to wait (sleeping? not noticing? biding their time? dunno...) until I reach the top of the stairs. But then the madness begins. My attempts to get it on video before have been unsatisfactory-- usually, the greatest hysteria is at the very beginning, and by the time I start recording things have died down a bit. This is true of the following video as well, but it's not a bad representation of what happens every day here. This was recorded while the dogs were waiting for Daniela to enter the house, the madness having begun when they heard her car pull up (you might hear me encouraging them to howl like they were at the outset)...


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