Tuesday, December 04, 2007

White Stuff and Mercury Falling

We got our first significant snowfall of the season on Saturday (12/1)-- a solid 6 inches! And as I write this (Tuesday 12/4) it's snowing again. We're expected to get 3-5 inches today, and since the temperature has barely gotten out of the teens in the past week or two (predicted lows this week: 11, 9, 12, -1, and a balmy 15), that will sit right on top of the previous 6 inches, giving us a nice blanket of snow.

It's very pretty. And Moose is very happy-- he just loves running around in the snow, tunneling down with his snout, digging and kicking up snow, etc. Lucy is not so happy-- she daintily steps out of the shoveled areas only when absolutely necessary and runs back into the house as quickly as she can.

We're not sure how Vasco feels about the snow. He definitely has not been trying as hard to sneak outside....

We're also not sure how the Foo Dogs

and the Buddha

feel about the snow. But we like it!


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nice pictures!


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