Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Memphis Love, Part 2: Old Friends

Okay. So Reese? She has parents, actually. We stayed with them-- Trey and Deborah. Trey and Eric went to "that college on the hill." We also got to visit with Wes and Mollie Parris (also Sewanee alums), Charles Mitchell (Eric's housemate when he lived in Memphis), Wanda, Dawn, Ann, Carole, and Suzanne (all from White Station High School where Eric taught). That quote about the college on the hill? That's from Carole, who went to Rhodes (Sewanee and Rhodes are big rivals...actually Rhodes gets referred to as Rho-Tech by Eric and Trey). Actually, Charles is a Rhodes alum. Daniela and Deborah share the distinction of being neither Sewanee nor Rhodes alums, thank you very much, but that's another story! We had a wonderful time catching up with all, eating barbeque, drinking beer, eating barbeque, drinking beer, eating barbeque....

It was St. Patrick's Day. Much Irish Stout was drunk. Trey and Eric feel the love.
Actually, Bosco's counts as an old friend too since this was the brewpub that Eric frequented, well, frequently. Read more about Bosco's at Eric's Beer Blog

Charles (looking suprisingly like a lawyer. Oh wait, he IS a lawyer) is blinded by the combination of the Memphis sunshine and Deborah's hair.

Eric, Wes, and Trey feeling rather on the full side after eating some excellent barbeque and ribs at the Rendezvous. Must have Rendezvous ribs... Eric has never eaten ribs other than at the Rendezvous, and frankly, there's no reason to do otherwise.

The friends on the dog side also rate mention here- after all this IS the Menagerie and we love our doggie friends too!

Daniela hangs with Allie, one of the Suddarth dogs. Eric met Allie when she was just a tiny little thing when she first came to live with Trey and Deborah. Not pictured is Buck (aka Nanny Buck because she loves to help take care of Reese) who is pretty shy, actually.

Eric and The Brown, aka Lily. She lives with Charles and formerly with Eric too. She loves her ball.


At 11:37 AM, Blogger Giggly Girl Eats said...

Mmm, barbecue. We'll have to go on a barbecue roadtrip someday when we have our travelling food show, "2 not-so-Fat Ladies"

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Pug&MooseMama said...

Did I tell you we went to FOUR barbeque places in Memphis. Pretty damn good.

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous k & a said...

Anna gets confused to see her Uncle Eric and Aunt Daniela hugging so many OTHER dogs! "Where's Moose?"


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