Thursday, August 30, 2007

The cute kids edition

Recently my sister Daphne was visiting her dad at his near-to-us farm with her two kids, Tiger (my godson) and Atticus. This meant that we got to see quite a bit of them. Eric and I took them to the Science Museum one evening and Eric went with them and Zack, their dad, to Valley Fair (an amusement park) while Daphne and I hung out in St Paul. We only have photos of the Science Museum, the camera didn't go to Valley Fair. It's probably a good thing 'cos they all went on the log flume ride and got soaked head to toe.

Watching the cryogenics presentation (Atticus on L.)

Playing a game that involved air pressure, pingpong balls, nets high in the air, and shooting pingpong balls up in to nets,

We've also been spening a bit of time with Roberto's son Jack. Who I'm sorry but is sooooo cute. He likes to run up and down things and recently spent a good five minutes at a playground just getting in and out of a choo-choo train. Too funny. He

This is Jack at the Children's Museum (also in St Paul! We have the cool kids museums here),

We love our nephews!
Funny, I hadn't noticed before but we have only nephews on my side and only nieces on Eric's side. We love our nieces too and think they would love Mpls/St Paul too (not a hint that Anna and Millie and family should come visit or anything!)

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