Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Maine trip...part 1

Eric and I just got back from Maine and some of our photos have been downloaded, so I thought I might as well post them now, rather than wait! More to come...

The first couple of days we got to hang out with Eric's mom and dad and grandma- Eric and I took Grandma to tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House, which she had never done, despite decades (30-40 years?) of going to Bar Harbor every summer. Eric and I, of course, consider tea and popovers at the Pond House to be an essential part of our time on MDI, so we just had to share! I think Grandma quite enjoyed it too. She is looking forward to meeting her 12th great-grandchild (aka The Wee).

We also took a family trip out to Thurston for Lobster (that's its official name...something which, despite the fact that I've been there like 4 times I never quite took in) in Bernard for, well, lobster, kind of. That is, Grandma, Linda (Eric's mom), and I all had lobster, Eric and Richard (Eric's dad) had various non-lobster, non-seafood of any kind of food. That's the two of them, trying not to get get sprayed by lobster juice.

Thurston's location is ridiculously picturesque...

Eric and I took a walk around Little Long Pond, a new-to-us walk, which is actually Rockefeller property that they let people hike about on, and apparently, you can let your dog off-leash, which you can't in the Park. So we met lots of doggies! The pond is quite pretty and there's this amazingly fancy boathouse (I guess one might expect fancyness from the Rockefellers, huh?).

You can just see the boathouse on the right,

Here we are at The Bowl,

A more or less quintessential Acadia Nat'l Park photo, this one at Ship's Harbor, a hike we had never done before, but which is quite lovely!


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Just beautiful and what weather!


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