Monday, April 21, 2008

San Miguel de Allende

The impetus for going to Mexico was that my cousin Sabrina got married in San Miguel de Allende the first weekend we were there (photos of wedding to come). We'd never been to San Miguel, which is very lovely- lots of colonial-era architecture.

Here's the Parroquia, the church in the center of town. They guy who built it was a stone-mason who worked off of photos and drawings of cathedrals in France. Very fantastical.

A typical San Miguel street,

The garden in our very pretty bed & breakfast (highly recommended Posada Corazon, they do lovely organic breakfasts!), with cool trees and beautiful bouganvilla and jacaranda trees. These were in bloom all over San Miguel.

We went to the Jardin Botanico in San Miguel (and I swear it wasn't even my idea! Although I was of course very amenable!). There were lots and lots of different species of nopales (prickly pears), here's a HUGE one, with Mamita and Eric for scale,


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