Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just when you thought you would starve

...for lack of Menagerie posts!

We have made some yummy dishes lately and thought we would share!

Lentil curry - made with red dal and moong dal. This is some recipe I found on-line and altered (well, really what happened was that I ran out of red lentil and so added some moongs to make up the amount). This recipe had both fresh green chilis and dried red ones, but actually wasn't that spicy-hot. Served with Basmati rice, which we made in our brand-new rice maker: Yeehaw!

(note to self: do not use a white plate when trying to photograph white rice!)

We are always looking for good winter squash recipes, since we still have some Delicata squash in the cellar from our garden this past summer/fall. We found this recipe at our co-op - it's a dandelion green salad with pomegranate dressing and Delicata squash. If only there wasn't so much snow on the ground, we could have picked our own dandelion greens! Something to remember for spring. (If it ever gets here! We aren't going to be out of the single digits, Farenheit until next Thursday. Ouch!, that's cold) We really loved the salad- very tart, with the pomegranate seeds and the greens while the squash added a roasted, nutty flavor with a touch of sweetness. Pretty too.

Finally, some of you have had my Strawberry Clafoutis...well, turns out you can make it with all kinds of fruit (strawberries themselves not being strictly traditional, that's cherries). So we tried it tonight with clementines. Worked out wonderfully and since we tend to have boxes of clementines around the house nowadays, it was easy to do. We are thinking that since it works nicely to put clafoutis in a pie plate, it could be a regular feature at the Pie & Pint, using whatever fruit is in season!

(that pie dish above was given to us by Laura Galloway, my Ph.D advisor! Thanks, Laura!)


At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, I thought you'd never post something new!

These look all yummy!


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