Saturday, April 15, 2006

(More) Photos from the (grand) tour

Here's Millie and her Uncle Eric, both smiling at some goofy thing Kevin said.

Millie and Daniela mug for the camera.

I have no earthly idea who this statue represents but it was outside the Museum of Natural History so...who knows!

Zubin, the son of Daniela's friend Jena, was feeling kind of photo-phobic. I don't think he knew I snapped this one of him as he was running up and down the stairs outside of the Museum.

This is Jena with Daniela. I (dlb) love this photo, cos I look like a slightly crazed person and Jena looks very zen - like she has some reserve of inner tranquility. That's something I've never been able to find, it must be buried very deep inside me!

Zubin is forced to have is photo taken when Daniela scoops him up! And here I am continuing with my crazy-look!

These next are photos of Daniela's nephews who live in Brooklyn...

Tiger is pretty confident he's going to beat Eric at Risk, especially since he kept coming up with new rules!

Atticus loves roller-blading but sometimes needs a hand.

Midnight Hula (the Klein-Kaplan yorkie) and Tiger go for a ride.

I just adore the expressions on both Atticus andTiger.

I took Eric down to the Promenade in Bklyn Heights to take in the wonderful views of the harbor and downtown Manhatten. You can see the Statue of Liberty really well, it just never comes out as well in photos...but the sunset was pretty!

Downtown, over the old Brooklyn piers and the East River we go...

Looking down Pierrepont St (which I used to live on!) toward the Promendade.

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At 11:56 AM, Blogger Eric said...

The statue, my dear, is of none other than Teddy Roosevelt, a major benefactor of the Nat'l History Museum. That Statue of Liberty photo looks very nice!

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How cute Tiger and atticus look.

Fun to see Gena. Haven't seen her since you graduated. Zubin is so big. what fun. Mamita


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