Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New camera!

We finally got a new camera to replace the one which was stolen from Daniela in Portugal.

It's a Sony Cyber-shot DSC W-80, if you're curious about such things, and it seems to work nicely. We'll be really giving it a workout this weekend up at Madeleine Island (in Lake Superior), but we have used it a little bit already.

I thought it should be inaugurated with a few pictures of the Menagerie.

So here's Lucy:


And Vasco the kitten:

And a bonus picture of Moose and Vasco, both searching for a cooler spot in the house...

One of the things that's made this hot summer bearable, by the way, is the near-miraculous appearance in our side yard of....

Not one, but TWO healthy blueberry bushes! We've been enjoying the occasional handful of berries as we pass by. I have to say, my esteem for the previous owners of our house just keeps growing...


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