Monday, September 24, 2007


Going back in time...before we went to Alberobello we briefly visited Pietrapertosa, the highest (in elevation!) town in Basilicata. First we saw these mountain peaks in the distance,

then we realized the town was up there and we had to go up the road to get there!

We wanted to go to the town of Castelmezzano on our way but the road was closed, here it is in the distance...looks nice...

Finally we reached Pietrapertosa! Here are some scenes,

these are from the 'Arabata' district, basically the old, historic district that is mostly in small vias and flights of endless stairs,

And the 'modern' part of town,

We also went to the town of Accettura which was not quite as nice as Pietrapertosa, plus all the black widows (as well as other people) that Eric tried to say "buona sera" to ignored him and we decided they were very un-Italian (in general, small town folks in Basilicata are highly suspicious, and can't really understand why random tourists are wandering through their streets, fair enough)! The surrounding countryside was great though and we saw some nice animal life,

(yes, that's a PIG! In the middle of the road! There were three? four? of them!)


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe all that you are seeing. Fantastic !!

Those steps... people must be quite fit.


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