Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The further (mis)adventures of Vasco the Kitten

We were struck by how much Vasco had grown while we were in Maine. But he still is a little guy, not that that stops him from tormenting the larger and much older Lucy. He chases her, pounces on her back, bites her legs, and generally makes her life difficult. Lucy, unlike Moose, has not yet really fought back (Moose will growl, snarl, and snap when he's had enough of kitten shenanigans). But when Vasco is not being difficult (by attacking Lucy, or us-- I can't tell you how many cuts and scratches there are right now on my hands) he is a very cuddly kitty. He loves to sit on the windowsill on the porch and soak up sun. And he always snuggles up next to me (Eric) at night. Here are a few photos of the little guy...

Curled up in Lucy's bed (Lucy was probably stealing Moose's bed, since Moose will not stand up for his right to sleep in his own bed...).

Playing with one of his toys.. he's quite the acrobat.


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